A small note:

As mothers we are most of the times told that our job is to look after our children, the house, work and provide, if we are married that we MUST look after our husband and priorities everything but our needs!

Some of us are on unhappy relationships, jobs, and environments because we putting "others" wishes and desires first, or even because we believe "that's all there is for us"

The truth is...

before we are mothers, we are women, we have dreams and those don't die when our child is born, we tend to put them behind because now our job is to be a mum...


Being a mother is the most beautiful blessing we can have, tough and completely challenging, but most definitely we do not need to burry our dreams, instead we must follow them.

Self-care is an important healthy tool that mothers should not ignore, let's remember that when we are ok; everyone around us will be ok.

                              Allow yourself to dream and then go and get it...




Self Love



welcome mama

Hi There I am Nadia Dias (Nadinha) and I am so super happy that you are here!

Welcome to Mama Woman Wine, a high vibe space for You that have decided is time to take over to your life and are ready to dedicate to grow yourself .

A Mindset Coach and Entrepreneur with a mission of helping mothers believe in themselves.

After having children and being in a relationship often we tend to forget about ourselves, our needs and desires.  

A Mama and Woman, that was a teenage mother of her first child, labeled and stereotyped And told she would not be able to be more than just a statistic.

Fought against the odds to be a mother to her child.

Left by her own parents she was sure she wanted to give to her baby more than the Statistics. 

A mixture of Mindset, Dance and creativity workshops for adults and teenagers. 

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