Nadia Dias a  Mindset Entrepreneur that helps individuals reach their potential becoming a better version of themselves every day. 

 Nadinha helps women who are looking to stand in their power and grow spiritually: 

CONNECT with themselves, ELEVATE and CREATE the life their desire. 

She focuses on helping women breakthrough their unhealthy relationship patterns so they can reclaim their power.  

*Unhealthy relationship patterns - with themselves or others
She works with "talking therapy approach" and works toward building self Love through her sessions, workshops, programs, and one-to-one.



One to One 


Brain Work / Hypnotherapy / NLP / Coaching
Sessions are by telephone and sometimes when possible face to face
Duration - between 45min to 60min depending on the package

(where applicable there are STORM sessions (longer sessions)

 - Packages available
 - STORM sessions (these are based on a particular topic)


                                                  Group Sessions


Mind-Body Dance Session

Mid-body dance is healing, releasing, empowering and creative and aims to:

 - Help the client connect their non-physical with their physical through dance

 - Trigger emotions 

 - Empower

 - Give clarity

 - Let go of blocks

 - Release

 - Rejuvenate 

 - Embrace yourself 

 - Boost confidence and self-esteem

 - Detach from unwanted emotions 

                                        Events and Workshops

 Workshops: Mindset / dance / spiritual gatherings

 Events: Coming soon

 Retreats: Mama woman wine organisation and collaboration

 Speaking at Events: Contact for more information



For one to one session, there is a compulsory free DISCOVERY CALL where both the coach and coachee get CLARITY and see if both are a good fit for each other! (30 min) - Following the DISCOVERY call dates of the sessions, price, cancellations, and other important details will be discussed. Click here to request your Discovery Call

*It is important that you have a CAN do Attitude and that you are willing to the homework and attend every session weekly to be able to see results.

*COACHING is a professional partnership where the coach inspires and provoke the client in a creative process to assist the client reach their potential.